Monday, June 7, 2010

Last Friday

I was at Nationals Park on Friday for their victory over the Reds. Yes, this was one of the potential Strasburg games. What a hot night. I did a lot more socializing at this game than I usually do, but I had a really good time. I split time between sections 101 and 309. I was pleasantly suprised with the seats in 309. I saw a lot of people keeping score. One loudmouth wanted to ruin the whole thing, but overall the atmosphere was excellent up there. Nice value seats with a great view. We stayed after the game and caught the Friday Night fireworks. They weren't as big as I imagined but it was a good time. The heat dominated the night as it never seemed to cool down. By the late innings you could smell the lovely Anacostia river steaming from section 101. Strasburg debuts day after the selection of Bryce Harper #1 overall in the 2010 1st year player draft. The future is bright.

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  1. It was hot as hell out there, but a night at the park always beats a night on the couch.